About Oliver Connolly

Oliver Connolly I am passionate about the importance of sales management, I believe that superior sales management is the key to successful sales growth. Because the primary role of the sales manager is to generate the sales that the company needs through others, the skills needed are very different from just selling.

My first sales management job was in the New York City market in the mid 70’s. Training was on the job in an unforgiving market. Basically it consisted of, “Here’s a team of 8 salespeople and a sales goal of $15 million … go get it!” Unfortunately sales management training hasn’t changed a whole lot since then. Lack of training and mentoring lengthens the ramp up time and costs untold millions in revenue.

Before starting C Level Strategic in 1994 I held sales and sales management positions in small to mid-size companies as well as multinational corporations. When it comes to sales management I’ve been there, done that. In addition to hard earned street smarts, I have a master’s degree in counseling from Suffolk University in Boston. This combination of real life problem solving experience, ongoing study of sales force development practices and, open but no-nonsense communication style gives me the tools that I need to insure your success as a sales manager.

Studying and practicing the beliefs, skills and activities that make successful sales managers, I have developed a philosophy and a process that works for my clients. Learning from the Gurus and from real world experience, I have adopted or adapted some ideas and discarded others. There is probably not an original idea in my head … at least not one that someone, somewhere hasn’t already thought of. That being said, I have spent countless hours figuring out what works and what doesn’t so that you don’t have to.

My job is to help you become an excellent sales manager … a sales manager who consistently delivers the sales and profits that the company needs. You will create and manage a sales organization of overachievers.

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