Who I Work With

My Clients

I work with owners, presidents, sales managers and vice presidents of sales. My typical client is the person who is responsible for the bottom line. That’s who hires me. I may work with you, but, most often, my hands-on work is with a sales manager or vice president of sales … the person who is responsible for generating the revenue that the company needs through other people. Usually this is a direct sales force. It can also be a network of brokers or manufacturer’s reps or a team of professionals.

Regardless of the title, the person I coach, may hire and fire, manage, coach, train and hold people accountable for performance.

The industry doesn’t matter. The majority of my clients sell business to business and are located in the US

If you’re the owner or president:

Are you sure your sales manager is doing everything he or she can to drive sales and profits?

Do they have all the skills they needs to get you the results you want?

Do they have the right sales people on the sales team … salespeople who will sell versus salespeople who can sell?

Could they use some help to become even better long term? What could that do for your bottom line?

If you’re the sales manager or vice president of sales:

Is what you don’t know hurting sales? Could you be part of the problem?

Do you have all the skills you need to excel as a sales manager or vice president of sales? Where could you do better?

Do you have a sales management process that consistently delivers the sales and profits your company needs?

Are you passionate about creating a sales team of overachievers?

The Problem

Some of the challenges my clients deal with:

  • They are frustrated by a sales force of underachievers. Their people are not hitting the numbers. They are losing distribution, market share is declining, and the pipeline is bloated.
  • They are tired of excuses. You keep hearing all the reasons sales aren’t happening … the economy, the competition, your products, your prices, there’s no money, the timing, your customers are happy with their current vendor, the banks, the politicians, the time of year, etc., etc.
  • Salespeople are busy all the time but the results aren’t there. Their people are busy taking care of customers and putting out fires. They’re churning out bids and proposals that never seem to result in business. You know the routine. They’re busy doing everything but selling.

My Ideal Clients

You are more likely to be successful working with me if:

  • You need more sales and profits.
  • You’re passionate about succeeding in sales management.
  • You’re no longer willing to accept the status quo.
  • You want to develop a sales team of overachievers.
  • You’re open to change…You’re willing to move out of your comfort zone.
  • You’re committed to doing what it takes to create the type of sales organization you need.
  • You realize that there are no quick fixes…no magic dust. You have to work at it.
  • You believe in developing your salespeople. You want to help them grow.
  • You believe in yourself and believe you are worth investing in.

If any of the above applies to you or your company contact Oliver Connolly at oliver@clevelstrategic.com or (561) 480-0563 and find out how I can help.