Sales Management Mastery Program

Are you frustrated by a sales force of underachievers?

So you are ready for a substantial increase in sales and profits. You’re busy working your tail off but you are not seeing the results that you need. You’re not alone. Many sales management professionals are so bogged down in the day-to-day busy work that the key stuff just doesn’t get done. As a result their sales teams are not performing. Sales are flat or declining.

You’re tired of excuses … tired of listening to all the reasons your salespeople are not making their numbers. Those excuses sound legitimate but you’re ready for a change. You want results, not excuses. What should you do? What do you need to do to increase sales?

The buck stops with you as far as sales go. It’s your job to deliver the numbers that the company needs and you’re no longer willing to settle for the status quo. You’re not the only one. My clients come to me because they want results. They want to lead a sales force that consistently overachieves.

The Five Most Vexing Challenges Facing Sales Management Professionals Today:

  1. Market share is flat or declining. In many industries sales volume is not what it was a few years ago. Companies are competing for a piece of a smaller pie. There is often less to go around and competition is fierce. You have to get your share, plus a chunk of the other guy’s share. If you don’t you’re being outsold.
  2. There is not enough new business coming in. Your salespeople appear to be busy all the time. They’re taking care of customers, putting out fires, spending hours doing “busy work” and, in general, racking up expenses trying to keep their customers happy. They seem to be doing everything except prospecting for new business.
  3. The Pipeline is bloated. The same old opportunities keep showing up week after week but they’ve been stuck in the same place for ever. There’s no progress, no change. The reality is that they’re not real. They are illusions … nothing more than figments of a salesperson’s happy ears. Until you blow away that house of cards there will be no real progress.
  4. Customer attrition. You’re losing customers. According to the Harvard Business Review, companies can boost profits by over 100% by retaining just 5% more of their customers. It’s hard enough not getting enough new business. You don’t want to lose existing good customers also.
  5. Your salespeople are experienced … lots of industry expertise, etc. but they are not making their numbers. They are capable of solving almost any challenges that your customers have. They have lots of great relationships in the market. Yet this is not translating into business. Very frustrating!

What you’re doing right now is not working for you. You’re not sure where to start or what to do to get the results that you need.

This is why I created The Street Smart Sales Management Mastery Program.

This is what the Street Smart Sales Management Mastery Program accomplishes:

We work together intensively to increase your business substantially in about a year.

We do this by helping you:

  1. Increase your market share. Just trying to hold on to the business you have is not enough. You must expand your share of the existing business. You will learn how to set the bar higher for your salespeople and how to help them achieve it.
  2. Achieve a steady stream of new business. Even the most loyal customers can have set backs. If you are not consistently getting new business you will begin to lose ground. We will help you set realistic expectations for new business for every salesperson. We will teach you how to hold them individually accountable for their prospecting and sales activities. As you grow your business, your competitive advantage, buying power and profits will increase.
  3. Create an active pipeline that is real. You need qualified prospects in your pipeline … prospects who need what you sell and are ready, willing and able to buy from you. We will work on a process to build a solid pipeline for you. You will be able to teach your salespeople what to do and hold them accountable for their activities so that they build solid pipelines. They will learn how to cull the non-prospects and concentrate on the ones who are real.
  4. Coach your salespeople so that they become adept at relationship building and customer retention. Then you will be less vulnerable to losing customers because of low-ball pricing or aggressive and predatory competitors. You won’t have to wonder about lost business.
  5. Teach you how to build a sales team of overachievers … a sales team that delivers results instead of excuses. This is critically important. You must have people who will sell as opposed to people who can sell. There is a huge difference. All the industry expertise and sales skills in the world are wasted on salespeople who won’t sell.

Where we start

What we do first is help you take a look at where you are. Together we’ll look at your sales management practices and skills, what you’re doing well and where you need to do better. From there we’ll work on a plan to help you create a sales force that consistently delivers the results that you need. We’ll work on things like:

  • Creating the right sales team
  • Your sales management mind set
  • Your sales management skills
  • Setting expectations
  • Tracking activities and behaviors
  • Holding salespeople accountable
  • Coaching Salespeople
  • Training salespeople
  • Knowing when to cut your losses

All this is designed to get you increased sales and profits, increased market share and a pipeline that’s real.

Why this program is unique

This is not a cookie-cutter program where everything is the same for everyone. The program is customized for you and your unique circumstances. Its purpose is to help you grow your business.

This program is not for everyone. Not everyone is willing to commit to the time and energy needed to succeed in sales management.

About the Street Smart Sales Management Program

The Street Smart Sales Management Mastery Program is a one year program for sales management professionals like sales managers, VPs of Sales, directors of business development and people who manage salespeople or sales producers. The actual title is not important. What is important is that you manage the people who do the selling.

The program includes weekly individual sessions (approximately one per week for 12 months), access to monthly sales management forums via video conference, and an online accountability system. It also includes a comprehensive sales management evaluation.

Why this program works

The purpose of this program is to help you increase your sales and profits substantially in the next year.

We will succeed with this because I show you exactly what works to build a sales force of overachievers. I will help you put a complete sales management process into place and then provide a high level of support until you’re getting the consistent sales results that you need.

This proven process helps you get results faster. You will do it with less aggravation and fewer mistakes. You’ll know what to do, and when and how to do it.

There is no ivory tower BS. I have been coaching and mentoring sales managers for more than 25 years. My expertise comes from real world experience … hard earned street smarts. I have also studied everything I could get my hands on that relates to sales and sales management. I have studied at the feet of the gurus. Some lessons I have taken literally, others I have modified or rejected completely. I have learned from my mistakes so that you don’t fall into the same traps.

What others have said about Oliver Connolly’s sales management coaching.

Practical, down-to-earth programs that work in the real world. A no-nonsense approach to sales and sales management. If you want to take control of your sales organization, you need to call Oliver.

Elizabeth Parke, CEO

Oliver enabled us to identify our organization’s strengths and weaknesses. His programs have had a major positive impact on our results.

John McDonagh, Publisher

Best program I’ve seen on how to get my sales manager and me on track and keep customers.

Rene Fritz, President/CEO

I strongly recommend this program to anyone wanting to take the struggle out of managing a sales force in this ever changing marketplace.

Howard Turner, Sales and Marketing Manager

Who is this program for?

The Street Smart Sales Management Program is for sales management professionals … sales managers, vice-presidents of sales, directors of business development or anyone who is responsible for generating sales through other people.

It’s for seasoned sales management professionals who are frustrated by a sales force of underachievers. You want results, not excuses.

It’s for new sales managers who want to get up to speed quickly. It will shorten the learning curve considerably and help you avoid many of the mistakes that new sales managers make.

The Street Smart Sales Management program is for managers who want to take their skills to the next level. You’re tired of constantly struggling with yo-yo sales and fighting salespeople just to do their jobs.

And it’s also for those who are tired of feeling alone in their sales management roles. You don’t want to reinvent the wheel every day. You want a proven process that works and you want support and validation while you implement it.

What will happen in the Street Smart Sales Management program?

The program focuses on seven areas that are essential to creating and managing a sales force that consistently overachieves:

  1. Understanding and owning your role as a sales management professional. This is very important. Your job is to generate the revenue that your company needs but, you have to do it through others. You’re no longer “one of the boys”. Sales management is very different than selling.
  2. You have to have the right sales team. That means that you have to have salespeople who will sell as opposed to salespeople who can sell. This is critical. All the expertise and skills in the world are wasted on salespeople who won’t sell.
  3. You’ll learn how to set realistic expectations for your salespeople. This goes far beyond setting annual quotas. You’ll focus on the activities and behaviors necessary to achieve the numbers.
  4. You’ll develop a process for tracking activities and behaviors. Most managers already track results on a daily or weekly basis but at that stage it’s too late to correct them. Proactively tracking activities and correcting them leads to the sales that you need.
  5. You’ll master the art of holding your salespeople accountable. This is one of the most important sales management skills and the area where most sales managers fail. Do this consistently and well and everything else falls into place.
  6. We’ll spend a lot of time mastering and practicing the art of sales coaching … developing your sales people, pre-call strategizing, post-call debriefing, and in general, helping them become overachievers.
  7. We’ll spend time fine tuning the other sales management skills and processes: general sales management, hiring and firing, running powerful sales meetings, territory management, account management, etc. Whatever is important in your world.

Regardless of your industry, product or service, this program is designed to help you increase your sales and profits in a relatively short time period. More important you will develop the skills to do it consistently.

Why support is so important

I’ve been coaching and mentoring sales managers since 1994. I’ve been managing salespeople since 1976. I’ve learned that good sales management is critical to the success of the organization. I’ve also learned that most sales managers do not get the support or training that they need to be successful. They’re pretty much tossed in at the deep end of the pool and allowed to sink or swim on their own. Some make it, many don’t.

It doesn’t have to be like that. The sales management mastery program is designed to provide you with the skills, coaching and support that you need to create and manage a sales force of overachievers.

Right now you may be feeling stuck or frustrated. You’re working hard and not getting the results that you need.

That’s why this program puts so much emphasis on support. By meeting an average of four times a month and by checking in with our accountability system on a regular basis, you’ll feel connected. You’ll know that help is just a phone call or email away. If you just need feedback or someone to bounce a question or an idea off, I will be there to help you.

The results you can expect from the sales management mastery program.

By the end of this program you will have accomplished most or all of the following:

  • Consistently achieve the sales and profits that your company needs.
  • Created a sales team of consistent overachievers … a team that delivers the numbers month after month.
  • Be confident in your skills and abilities as a successful sales manager.
  • Have mastered a sales management system that will deliver results consistently, regardless of the type of industry, product or service.
  • Know how to coach salespeople so that they are successful.
  • Be comfortable holding people accountable.
  • Have the ability to hire and fire for the good of the company.

The structure of the Sales Management Mastery Program

This is a one year program designed for sales management professionals who want to excel. It is for sales managers, vice presidents of sales, directors of business development … people who are responsible for managing the people responsible for bringing in business.

  1. You’ll meet with me in one-on-one coaching sessions on average four times a month during the course of the program. Together we will develop a sales management process that’s appropriate for your particular situation. I will help you with the mind sets, behaviors and activities that you need to become a successful sales manager.
  2. We’ll begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your sales management strengths and weaknesses. This will be a part of your baseline and help focus on the areas of most importance to you.
  3. You’ll also be using an online reporting system to stay on track. This combination reporting and accountability system gives you a platform for moving forward.

The Next Step

If you think this program is for you: Please fill out the application form below. When you submit your application you’ll be taken to a new page with the fees for the program and other details.

When I get your application, I’ll review it very carefully and we’ll set up a time to talk. I’ll answer all your questions and, if it looks like it’s a fit for you, formally invite you to participate.

Because this is a one-on-one mastery program and time and labor intensive space is limited.

Oliver ConnollyI look forward to hearing from you.

Oliver Connolly



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