To succeed sales organizations need great sales management. A company without great sales management is like a ship without a rudder…who knows where it will go. The sales manager or vice president is a key position. Despite this, most sales management professionals get little or no real support or training. They usually have to figure it out on their own.

While salespeople have a myriad of training options, and CEOs have support groups and mentors, sales managers have few such choices.

US companies spend over $2 billion every year on sales training. Often the results are disappointing. In fact, it is estimated than 90% ($1.8 Billion) is wasted. This is because there is no effective follow-up from sales management. It’s not because the managers are unwilling to do their jobs…they don’t have the training or support that they need. My mission is to change this. I help sales managers create a sales force of overachievers by providing them with the tools they need. Some of those services are as follows:

Weekly Street Smart Sales Management Blog

This free blog provides timely and actionable tips for today’s sales management professional. If you’re responsible for generating the sales and profits that your company needs, and you have to do it through others, this will help. Subscribe here for free

Monthly Sales Management Forum

On Zoom Video Conference, this forum provides answers to some of the more vexing challenges that sales managers face every day…holding people accountable, setting expectations, hiring and firing, coaching and training, etc., etc. Participants are sales managers from many different industries. You have the opportunity to interact with others facing the same challenges. Register here for more details and dates. New Forum beginning in October

Sales Management Mastery Program

This exclusive program is for the handful of sales management professionals who want to excel. I work one-on-one with a very limited number of participants who are committed to building a sales force of overachievers. For more information go to Sales Management Mastery Program.